Don’t Tell Me About The Labor Pains Just Show Me The Baby!

June 15, 2018

Sunday all day I had started putting all my ideas together for my very first Facebook ad campaign. Now remember I am brand new to internet marketing, well I have been online for several months reading and buying things I really didn’t need to buy, and I know kept hearing about people’s ad accounts on Facebook getting banned so I was trying to be super careful so my one and only ad account wouldn’t get banned.

That would be terrible if I got banned on my first go at it.

I spent all week trying to come up with the perfect picture and the perfect message. Long story short I spent hours with this ad and I was going to run it by my mastermind on Monday with my one on one time I had with him.

The time came, I was nervous. It was a awkward nervousness like something was wrong. My turn came to talk to him and saw it and there a very long awkward silence and I knew something was wrong. There was!! My ad was terrible!! He said scratch the whole idea and we agreed to do something totally different. I was so embarrassed and my confidence was shot. My heart felt like it hit the floor.

So the next couple of days I was dropping my head like someone had died or something. Honestly I was seriously debating in my head if this whole internet marketing thing was for me.

And than it hit me!!

What the hell was I even thinking about this for? It’s funny now I think about.

I had actually got emotional about my first Facebook ad.

You see what I mean is is that emotion can work two ways. This is business and emotion at times can ruin someones judgement in business. Especially when you have never done what you are doing before. How should I even know what to expect. I had this vision in my head on how this silly ad was going to go and when that vision was destroyed I let it take my mind to a very negative place.

Like the old saying goes – Destroy the vision in the head of your enemy and you destroy your enemy.

I am doing something here I have never done before. I am learning a brand new skill. Just like this whole blogging thing.

I was better than this and I had to put my mind in the right place. I had to remind myself why I was doing this. I had to remind myself of the goal.

The journey or road you take is not the same as your end goal. The “how” you reach your goals or road you have to take doesn’t matter as long as you reach it. I had put WAY to much emotion into this situation and I know if I kept putting that much emotion into every negative or positive step toward my goal it will eventually break me.

Don’t think, just react!

Do it!

Analyze the result from your action!

Learn the lesson and move on the on!


Phil Jackson who coached Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant to a combined 10 world championships would always tell his players not to get too high about your victories and don’t get too low about your defeats. Stay at an even level of emotion because the road to that end goal to win a world championship was long and full challenges we never even thought about would come up.

Don’t get emotionally attached to failure or defeat, just make it second nature, regardless the outcome, to be ready to take another step forward and to keep fighting the fight until you reach that end goal. Don’t wine about the pain you are going through because everybody goes through it. Your not alone if you fail because everybody else feels the pain of failure as well.

Don’t tell me about the labor pains just show me the baby!

The result is the only thing that matters!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Me About The Labor Pains Just Show Me The Baby!”

  1. Haha Cody you hit the ground running bro. I’d offer some insight from experience; love the ride, and see results are extra’s or bonuses. Learned this one the HARD way LOL, over many years of struggle, but I also see the happiest, and most successful folks in their niches enjoy the ride aka process and also see the profits and lifestyle more like a blessing and less end all be all.

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