Welcome to my website!

Hi and welcome to my website,

My name is Cody Bertagnoli and I am a Digital Marketer from the US with the goal of helping people make money online. Now whether you have years of experience or you are a complete newbie there is always another lesson to be learned.

The number one thing that changed everything for me was surrounding myself with the right people and a proven pattern of success and simply following it. The proven pattern of success is the easy part, it was the right people that I know care about my business, that was the difficult thing to find.

I am here to be financially successful like everybody else. But I believe that when I take care of people and help them achieve their dreams the money takes care of itself. I am in the people business.
The only bad question is the the question that goes unasked. So if there is anything I can do for you to help you live the life you have always wanted while continuing or starting a business online please feel free to ask and we together will find an answer.

Thank you for your time!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my website!”

  1. Hey Cody!

    I just thought I’d check in and see how you’re getting on. How awesome it is to see that you’ve made your first blog post! Well done, buddy!

    Now, don’t forget to leverage and let’s get you continuing to move forwards. Onwards and upwards, my friend!


    1. Hey Glenn,

      Thank you for the feed back. I was terrified to post that small explanation on who and what my focus is. I kept saying to myself “I don’t even know what I’m writing”. Do you have any suggestions on what my first content post should be about? I know it needs to stand the test of time and I was thinking about writing about the high “Hot” quality of traffic a blog can bring into your web page. Basically what you kinda were teaching me in our Skype interview.

      Talk soon,

      1. Hi Cody,

        You can write about anything you want. The important thing is that it is of value to your audience. As we discussed, one of the very best places to start is to simply chronicle what you’re doing and relate your experiences, etc. For example, if you consistently follow the plan I laid out for you, you will start to see results. So, once you do that and see it happening, that there in itself is something that you could write about.

        Even just your thoughts can serve as content for a blog post – your observations, your achievements, your experiences, your disappointments. Basically, anything that you can share that can help to point someone else in the right direction, teach them something, inspire them or motivate them. I see that you have connected with Ryan. Take a look at how Ryan does it, he’s a real master at his craft.

        By the way, did you see the video I sent you? That should give you some help.

        Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What U.F.O.’s Can Teach You About Making Money OnlineMy Profile

  2. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere Cody! Great to see you hitting the ground running. Glenn is a fabulous mentor and wonderful human being. I have known him for years. You picked a star.


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