Let’s talk about what we all want and what we all need – TRAFFIC !

In business there is free traffic.

But is it free?


You can pay for your traffic or you can hustle for your traffic which is called free traffic.

Spending time to get people to your website, funnel or offer takes a lot of skill and experience. And most people who want to build a business want results right now and end up quitting if they don’t see early results. If this is you than I don’t recommend the free traffic method because it takes time. I prefer paying for my traffic but if you don’t have money to invest than you will need to spend a lot of time to get your free traffic. Is it possible? YES! And that is the good news.

So let’s get you on the right track right here and right now!

You will need 3 things to start and a realistic mindset on when and if results will come.

1. Persistance

2. Dedication

3. Patience

This will take weeks, months and even years to start seeing the results of you efforts but ladies and gentlemen the truth about free traffic is that once it starts coming it will flood your business with traffic for years to come. To me it is like the foundation to your business.

What you do today will take 1 year or 2 to really see the results and if you are in it for the long run this is a must.

Free traffic is one thing, content. You must create value as a business owner to customers and give them a reason to want to buy from you. And if your new and you think that you may not know very much so why would anybody listen to you or you don’t think you can write very well and this scares you don’t be! Because I promise you know more than someone out there and they need the knowledge you have. And as the weeks and months go by you will gain more knowledge and get better at writing and creating content and more and more people will start to pay attention to you.

It just takes TIME!

Never give up! Keep going!

One way is to Google your niche topic and go to some forums or blogs and start interacting with other people in your niche and give them your link when you think you can help someone and start bring people onto your website. Start conversations, meet people and leave your footprint when you are in a forum or blog.

Quora.com is one that not many people are talking about but is starting to become super popular. I think the best way to use Quora is to start being the person that answers the questions. If you go there and someone asks a question that you know the answer don’t be shy jump to it and answer. The more answers you give the more attention you and your website will get. And yes ask questions as well, this is a great way to find people in your niche and a great way to network your website. Share your link as much as possible and this keep long term traffic coming to your website. Don’t spam!! Bring value and remember when your share your link it’s like leaving someone your business card or a brochure.


Reddit.com is another great place where people have and are forming communities on all sorts of niches and topics. Get in there and bring value, ask and answer questions and when you feel like the relationship with someone you meet is close enough than leave them your link. Kinda like say well if you ever need help or if there is anything I can ever do for you here is my contact information. Provide value first, always!

Social media of course! When you go to someones say Facebook page or Instagram page and they are an expert in the niche you are going after and they leave a post be the first to make a comment with value that you feel like can help someone. Than that’s when you can drop your link right at the bottom of your comment but only if you are trying to help someone by bringing them value.

Help people! Always help people, that’s value!

Find a community or a group of people and go out to them and start networking by making comments and finding people you can help.

Give value, drop your link and they will come back.

It just takes time!

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