Today reminded me WHY I started my Internet Profits business

October 3, 2018
June 4, 2018 is the day I started my Internet Profits online business.
I own and operate a Subway franchise for my career and today I was reminded why I started my online business.
Now before I say anything I want to say I love the employees I have and I am very thankful for the loyalty of my customer base.
I hate my position I placed myself in my life and this is why I started this online business is because I want out of my the daily operations of my store… (I don’t own my restaurant it owns me, I own my own job)
And it is up to me to make this career change to live my life the way I CHOOSE to live.
I want a better life, not only more money but I want my life to mean something. Like my career as a restaurant owner is bringing me no meaning and passion in my life.
I want to take a vacation when I choose…
I want to have a family…
I want to be a proud husband and father knowing I am giving my family the life and time they deserve…
I want to retire young…
I don’t want to be in direct customer service anymore…
I don’t want to manage employees anymore…
I want financial freedom !!
If anybody feels this way that reads this email we together with the help Dean Holland and his Internet Profits digital business system can help each other and bring meaning back into our lives.
I need your help and if I can help you achieve your dreams and goals please reach out and let’s get to work !
I want to thank everyone for all they do and if you want a better life with more financial freedom like I do than consider becoming a Certified Partner with us.
You can become a Certified Partner after watching this Free Video Training that describes our business opportunity.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Talk soon,

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